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Dr Golik has a special interest in children on the Autism Spectrum. He has been Pfeiffer/ Bill Walsh/ Mary Megson trained. He is also associated with the MINDD foundation. He practices the Biomedical. Read more..
Queensland | Australia
Well Child Centre
One of the specialisms within osteopathy is the treatment of children & childhood problems. It is a specialism that has huge benefits for children & is effective not only for treating injuries & posture & spine problems but also for wider heath issues such as asthma, sinus issues and even anger & behavioural issues. Read more..
New South Wales | Australia
Wellness & Natural Health Solutions - Kim Herman
Kim Herman graduated from the Endeavour College of Natural Health with an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy. She was awarded the 'Most Outstanding Student Award' for her graduating year. She also holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) from Charles Sturt University. Read more..
Western Australia | Australia
Wise Food Education - Certified GAPS Practitioner
Using Food as Medicine has amazing results in assisting the healing of autism and those on the autistic spectrum. Julie is qualified as a GAPS practitioner - which is a specialised nutritional program designed specifically by a Dr who healed her son of autism (he going to Uni next year). Read more..
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Queensland | Australia

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