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BioMed Yahoo Group

Biomedical Autism Group is a Australian email forum that majors on Biomedical protocols and treatments for children who have AUTISM and those who are somewhere on the Spectrum - ADHD - ADD - PDD NOS - ODD - ASPERGERS. Known simply as "BioMed' our group acts as a discussion forum for parents - doctors - professionals - enabling them to share up-to-date information.

Children diagnosed in 2008 have the best ever chance of attaining a great quality of life as we have everything available in this country with which to help them. The dedication of parents and their practitioners has seen an ever increasing number of children recovering to enjoy a quality of life never anticipated before and each year sees more children attending mainsteam schools, whilst behaviour and cognition levels are improving dramatically throughout the Spectrum.

Some interventions can be instigated by parents and others require a medical practitioner at the helm in order to gain the best outcome. Each child presents a different profile - accordingly Biomedical interventions may vary to meet those profiles but the BASICS always remain the same!

Traditional allopathic medicine has little to offer the Autistic child but "early intervention practitioners" have met with dramatic benefits in the quality of life and we encourage parents to research all disciplines until the best combination for their child is reached. Whilst this forum is primarily devoted to Biomedical concepts we are open to discuss other avenues on the basis that all information should be available for consideration.

Autism recovery requires a multi-discipline approach if we are to make significant changes to the lives of those children we have been blessed with - they deserve our very best efforts and I encourage every parent to join BioMed and discover how other parents have achieved good outcomes and to benefit from their encouragement and support.

Jan Brenton
Online Access,
Location: Online - Australia Wide | Australia
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